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China Retail Talent Development Conference by CIIC Shanghai in 2018 China Human Capital Forum(2018年9月14日)

 On September 14th, China Retail Talent Development Conference has been successfully held by China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd in Kerry Hotel Pudong, which attracted more than 200 guests to gather together.

 At present in China, the mainstream business industry has been undergoing a gradual transformation from traditional areas to service and consumption ones especially in first-tier cities. And online retail is looking for a quite breakthrough under such circumstances as flow rate and product category penetration bottleneck. While also under the double drives of information & technology innovation and capital forces, business runners are making efforts to integrate online and offline retails together so as to push retail industry to step into a brandnew development stage.

 Currently, people need to clarify one question whether traditional marketing models and methods can still meet the market demands under many a new consuming habits and ideas thriving. As big data, smart stores, new media precesion marketing platform spring up, are traditional retail talents still qualfied for the postions of innovation enterprises? What sort of talents on earth do retail enterprises want? What are the expectations from talents? How to solve the retail talent problem?

Tao Jun Deputy Party Secretary and Director
China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

 Regarding the above project of new retail industry, CIIC Shanghai has conducted a hot discussion on the challenges and resolutions for HR industry along with several prominent enterprises ranging from cosmetics, image devices, luxuries, toys, baby milk power and etc.

 First and Formost, Mr. Tao Jun from CIIC Shanghai delivered a opening speech, in which he briefly introduced CIIC. Then, it comes to the panelists’ section, which started from Frank Qu, the President in Greater China from Wyeth Nutrition. His theme was about innovation, talent and culture and how to win in the upcoming year of 2020. On behalf of executives from a Group company, Frank expressed anticipations to HR department as well as requirments on talents management and development under this new retail condition. Right after Frank, Mr. Liwei from CIIC Career Development Co., Ltd, gave a keynote speech about the flexibility employment situation and prospects in retail industry. What’s more, he offered some bright solutions and inspiring insights upon those problems we have confronted with in retail flexibility employment from both recruitment and staff perspective.

Frank Qu,the President in Greater China
Wyeth Nutrition China

Mr. Li Wei, General Manager
CIIC Career Development Co., Ltd

 In the roundtable session, Ms. Li Minghui, Vice GM from CIIC Shanghai invited Ms. Rong Yiwen, Vice GM from CANNON China, Mr. Tian Ruizhi,Trainning Director from Shiseido China, Mr. Xu Yaodong, HR Director from Mattel China, Ms. Weng Qilei, HR Director Greater China from Rémy Cointreau Group and Ms. Liu Jieyi from Pierre Fabre (Shanghai) to join together. Without any doubts, this lively and warm discussion about new retail situation, big data thinking and talent management has impressed attendees a lot.

 In terms of talents in new retail industry, Mr. Xu from Mattel China told us the employer is able to set up a resonable KPI and an attractive salary incentive plan in order to innovate a platform which quite suits the new type talents. Meanwhile, the employer is supposed to digitalize their recruitment procedure more effiecently and have these candidates improve interview experience. In the end, he also emphasized the employer ought to maximize the rotation plan to develop these talents most so that they can obtain the sense of thinking in muliti-positions.

 Director Tian mentioned that Shiseido’s already paid full attention to talents and people always go first.They’ve been striving to help with employees’innovation internally and recruit more innovative talents at the same time. Apart from one-by-one traning, they call on all of the employees to study English as their first working language even if Shiseido is a Japanese firm.

 Ms. Rong, Vice President from Cannon conveyed that it’s extremely crucial for HR personel to take the lead on timely update and learning so as to establish an actively learing atmosphere in the company.

 Ms. Weng, HR Director from Rémy Cointreau Group shared some thoughts as well. As she recalls when she’s doing the final interview, she tends to show interest in those young talents with distinctive characteristics and she firmly believes it’s those characteristics that make these talents grow once or twice faster than other colleagues. She also pointed out a good HR has to be one who can refrain from the stress out of different opinions and can influence the runners successfully. On one hand, their company is making the most of referral stragety to recruit qualified talents. On the other hand, it’s also of great significance to avoid existing talent loss so they encourage all young talents from other departments to join their team to learn new retail and big data.

 Ms. Liu, HR Director from Pierre Fabre considered it from 4 perspectives. Firstly, the employer is supposed to spend some energy and time on branding innovation so as to catch up closely with times. Secondly, in wages section, the incentive contribution needs to be improved especially for those related to new retails. Thirdly, the company should try to establish some specialized retail project zone for new retail business test. Lastly, she suggested that the company go to cooperate with top business schools to let the management team thoroughly understand current situations and upcoming trends.

 In such limited time, Panelists all share fantastic comments and insights upon new retail situation, big data thinking and talent management. As for attendees, they really appreciated this great opportunity to attend this forum and it leaves them some time to have further thinking and exploration. CIIC Shanghai, as a leading HR solution provider, will consistently provide the professional one-stop service and more channels for clients in order to have them develop and grow rapidly.